Oil recovery systems

The number one problem in the case of a large oil spill out at sea is usually where to put the collected oil, when the tanks of the recovery vessel are full. When using Mobimar's advanced oil recovery products and Continuous Oil Recovery System (CORS), the tank capacity turns virtually limitless and the operation remarkably more efficient.

Oil spills are typically being collected by an active sweeping method or the so-called J-method. In order for the oil to be as effectively and reliably collected as possible, Mobimar has developed a third solution called Continuous Oil Recovery – COR.

In this method an oil recovery vessel is equipped with Mobimar FinnSweep™ integrated brush oil skimmer system. containing oil containment booms and Floating Inflatable Tanks (FIT). After arriving at the oil spill, the vessel effectively encloses the oil and starts the skimming operation. The oil is pumped to the FIT and when full, the FIT is detached and replaced with an empty one from the deck store.

The filled FIT is towed with a support boat to the port for emptying, after which it's transported back to the oil recovery vessel. With an adequate amount of FITs the tank capacity is limitless.

In addition to FinnSweep™ and CORS, Mobimar represents the advanced oil spill combatting and oil recovery products by Vikoma International and Bohus Innovation:

  • Skimmers and sweepers
  • Container systems
  • Booms
  • Shore cleaning systems
  • Temporary storage tanks
  • Additional equipment

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