Speed and efficiency is essential when trying to minimize the damage of an oil spill. Mobimar's FinnSweep® oil recovery system has been especially developed for oil recovery out at sea. The integrated system allows fast deployment and effective recovery, and its wave dampening characteristics are also significantly better than those of other brush skimmers.

Mobimar's FinnSweep® is a highly effective mechanical oil recovery system designed for recovery of light, heavy and crude oils, as an integrated part of an oil spill response vessel. The system comprises a sweep arm and a stiff brush skimmer mat, with the sweep arm collecting and directing the oil into the skimmer system.

Integrated Mobimar Finnsweep® oil recovery system integrated in the Finnish Frontier Guard's newbuilding built by STX Finland.
System description:
Storage tank capacity 1200 m³ including 200 m³ chemical tank
2*1.7 m integrated Finnsweep® brush skimmers
2*14 m sweeping arms + 2*20 m sweeping booms, operational in Hs  1 m
Storm sweeping boom, operational in Hs  2 m
Remote control for the entire OR-system

Oil recovery is possible in lower speeds because of the flow inducement pump, creating the necessary suction flow. This also means only one side door per system is needed. The FinnSweep® stiff brush skimmer can be used in cold temperatures as well, as long as the sea is not frozen. The system has been tested in wave heights of 2 meter, and meets the requirements of the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE). FinnSweep® was initially tested and approved by SYKE as early as 1989.

FinnSweep™ general features:

  • Efficient and reliable oil recovery system for light, heavy and crude oils
  • Low water content (~5%) in collected oil – No large store tanks needed or
    less frequent discharging when using same-sized tanks as in other systems
  • Adaptable for varying conditions thanks to adjustable water flow and brush mat speed
  • Handles even lumpy slop, difficult to handle for most other oil recovery systems
  • System manouvering requires only a minimum amount of time

In addition to the integrated FinnSweep® oil recovery system, Mobimar also offers a portable compact unit; “side-collector”. This system is recommended for boats with a length of up to 20 meters and with no room for an integrated system, or for a situation where several boats need to utilise the same unit.

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