Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessel

The innovative Mobimar Wind - Trimarans, developed by Mobimar, feature lower fuel consumption and lower operational costs than most other currently used CTV's. Most importantly – they provide safer transfers to offshore wind farms, in up to Hs 2.5 meters!

The stable trimaran hull and the unique gripper system in the bow are the main reasons why Mobimar Wind -trimarans (Mobimar 18 Wind, Mobimar 23 Wind) are classified to seastate 5 and to seastate 6, with disembarkation possible in up to Hs 2.5 meters. The service personnel can enjoy a smoother transfer and safer disembarkation, and you get more operational days and less downtime.

Mobimar 18 Wind moored
Mobimar 23 Wind visualization

The 180 degree approaching angle allows choosing the most convenient direction at the wind turbine, according to wind and sea current. Due to the trimaran hull characteristics the impact on the platform is much smaller than with corresponding CTV's. The engine can idle during the landing, while the gripper is in either a gripping or sliding mode. This also makes underwater maintenance works at the turbine easier and safer to perform.

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