In order for an offshore oil recovery operation to be successful it's absolutely crucial to reach the accident spot fast. The vessels and equipment used should be especially designed and tested for this kind of scenario.

To meet the demanding requirements and the potentially harsh weather conditions at oil accident scenes offshore, Mobimar developed an oil recovery system with a whole series of vessels, which collect more oil more effectively than other currently used systems. When Mobimar's Oil Recovery vessels are optimally positioned, the oil spill can be enclosed before it starts spreading and making the operation more difficult.

Normally the only choice for an oil recovery vessel with a tank is to regularly return to port for emptying the tanks. During that time, usually amounting to several hours, the vessel's whole recovery capacity is removed from the scene.

How does Mobimar's Continuous Oil Recovery® system work?

The oil recovery vessel, equipped with Mobimar FinnSweep® integrated brush oil skimmer system, carries oil containment booms and Floating Inflatable Tanks (FIT) to the oil accident scene at high speed. After arrival the vessel effectively encloses the oil and starts the skimming operation: the oil is pumped to the FIT and when full, the FIT is detached and replaced with an empty one from the deck store.

The filled FIT is then towed with a support boat (a small tug, trawler or alike) to the port for emptying. These same boats transport emptied FITs back to the oil recovery vessel. With an adequate amount of FITs in rotation, the tank capacity is limitless. (A 25 m3 FIT weighs less than 200 kg.)

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Retrofitted Mobimar FinnSweep® integrated brush oil skimmer system VESSEL DIMENSIONS ~
Length over all 32, 2 m
Length, moulded 30,0 m
Beam 12,2 m
Draft 2,5 m (with fixed-pitch propeller)
Working deck area 200 m²
Speed, service 20 kn
Fuel Capacity 12 tons
Range 600 nm
Deadweight Work 24 tons, (FinnSweep™ 4,5 tons incl.)
Accommodation Crew 4, classified max capacity 12 persons.