Safety and rescue

Safety and rescue operations at sea can consist of many different types of assignments – search and rescue of missing persons, ambulance transportation, towing and draining of boats, first-aid as well as fire extinguishing.

Mobimar Cat 15 Rescue
Length 15 m, beam 4.9 m, draft 0.9 m, brutto 20 tons
Engines: Caterpillar C9, 2*423 kW, max. speed 26 kn
Operator: Storgöteborg Räddningstjänst

Mobimar designs and builds the boat according to the specific requirements of the geographical area and the area of operation; like speed, safety in rough weather, stability, spaciousness and the possibility to go ashore in very shallow waters.

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Command boat
Length 14 m, beam 4,6 m, weight 19,3 tons, material aluminium.
Engines 2 x MTU, speed 30+ knots Patrol vessel serie of 8 boats
Length 12 m, beam 4 m, draft 0,8 m, weight 11 t, 
engines 1 x 1000 hp or 2 x 500 hp, 
speed 38,3 kn, crew 2

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